Center in the Square Roanoke: 7 Exciting Things to See

Center in the Square in Roanoke is more than just a place to visit. This cultural hub is located near the Natural Bridge Hotel and offers a vibrant hub of art, science, and entertainment. This bustling center has many activities catering to all ages and interests. In this blog, we’ll walk you through must-see attractions at the Center, ensuring you experience the best it offers during your Virginia vacation.

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Unveiling the Magic of Center in the Square in Roanoke

About the Center

Center in the Square is the heartbeat of cultural and entertainment activities in downtown Roanoke. Designed to be a sanctuary for the arts, it’s more than just museums and galleries. From free community events to a state-of-the-art aquarium, it’s a bustling hub that offers a rich tapestry of things to see and do for art enthusiasts, history buffs, and families. Whether you’re looking for educational exhibits, live performances, or just a fun day out, Center in the Square has something for everyone. Now, let’s explore a few of the many standout attractions that make this venue a must-visit on any Virginia itinerary.

Roanoke Pinball Museum

Step back in time and relive your childhood at the Roanoke Pinball Museum. With over 50 machines, some dating back to the 30s, it’s a paradise for pinball enthusiasts.

Harrison Museum of African-American Culture

Immerse yourself in this enlightening museum’s rich tapestry of African-American history and culture. It is dedicated to educating and celebrating African-American culture to cultivate awareness and appreciation.

Science Museum of Western Virginia

Ignite your curiosity with interactive exhibits that make science fun for all ages. Explore exhibits like the Hidden Garden, Toy Joy, Fungi Kingdom, and other hands-on experiences.

Mill Mountain Theatre

Experience the magic of live theater in an intimate setting that captivates your senses. They also have free beginner classes and other types of classes.

Rooftop Gardens

Take a breather and soak in panoramic views of Roanoke from the lush rooftop gardens.

Kids Square Children’s Museum

A wonderland for the little ones, this museum offers hands-on activities that are both educational and fun. Kids can play in several exhibits like Construction Zone, Care Center, Dig Pit, and Sensory Hideout. Your kids will be entertained all day long and may not want to leave!

Center in the Square Aquarium

Marvel at the underwater world in this state-of-the-art aquarium that houses exotic marine life.

After soaking in the diverse offerings at Center in the Square, you might be inspired to explore even more. The area around the Natural Bridge Hotel is brimming with activities that perfectly complement your Roanoke adventures. From scenic hikes to historical sites, there’s no shortage of things to do to round out your Virginia vacation.

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