Why We Love Exploring Abandoned Places in Virginia

If you’re looking for a unique adventure, exploring abandoned places in Virginia is an exciting way to spend the day. From old hospitals and factories to forgotten homes and churches, there are plenty of fascinating spots to explore within 100 miles of Natural Bridge, Virginia. Here are some of the most interesting abandoned places in Virginia that you won’t want to miss.

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4 Abandoned Places in Virginia Worth Exploring

1 Western State Lunatic Asylum, Staunton

This former mental health facility was built in 1828 and operated until 1994, when it was closed due to overcrowding and deteriorating conditions. Today, visitors can explore its eerie hallways and admire its historic architecture.

How far from Natural Bridge? 50 minutes (47.8 miles)

2 Paxton Manor, Leesburg

This abandoned mansion dates back to 1790 and is said to be haunted by its former owners. It’s one of the oldest buildings in Leesburg and has been abandoned since 2002, when it was purchased by a developer who never followed through with his plans for renovation. Now you can visit the manor during “Shocktober,” where event organizers have transformed it into one of the scariest haunted houses in the country.

How far from Natural Bridge? 2hr 46m (174 miles)

3 Swannanoa Palace, Afton

This grand palace was built between 1908-1912 by millionaire James Dooley as a gift for his wife, Sallie May Dooley. After her death in 1925, it became a hotel but eventually fell into disrepair before being abandoned altogether in 1942. Today it stands as a reminder of its former glory days, with many original features still intact such as stained glass windows and ornate fireplaces. Self-guided and guided tours are available.

How far from Natural Bridge? 55 minutes (58.3 miles)

4 Appomattox Court House National Historical Park, Appomattox

This national historical park commemorates one of America’s most significant moments – General Robert E Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court House, which effectively ended the Civil War. Visitors can explore several historic buildings, including an old church, schoolhouse, courthouse, etc., preserved just as they were. This park is free to visit

How far from Natural Bridge? 1hr 8m (57.3 miles)

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